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Cabin Fever 2002

By: Rider Strong,Jordan Ladd,James DeBello,Cerina Vincent,Joey Kern,Arie Verveen,Robert Harris,Hal Courtney

Release: 12 September 2003


Genre: Comedy,Horror

Police Story 1985

By: Jackie Chan,Maggie Cheung,Brigitte Lin,Kwok-Hung Lam,Bill Tung,Yuen Chor,Charlie Cho,Chi-Wing Lau

Release: 14 December 1985


Genre: Action,Comedy,Crime,Thriller

Police Story 2 1988

By: Jackie Chan,Maggie Cheung,Kwok-Hung Lam,Bill Tung,Keung-Kuen Lai,John Cheung,Charlie Cho,Yuen Chor

Release: 20 August 1988


Genre: Action,Comedy,Crime,Thriller

I Am Number Four 2011

By: Alex Pettyfer,Timothy Olyphant,Teresa Palmer,Dianna Agron,Callan McAuliffe,Kevin Durand,Jake Abel,Jeff Hochendoner

Release: 18 February 2011


Genre: Action,Adventure,Sci-Fi,Thriller

Charlottes Web 2006

By: Julia Roberts,Steve Buscemi,John Cleese,Oprah Winfrey,Cedric the Entertainer,Kathy Bates,Reba McEntire,Robert Redford

Release: 15 December 2006


Genre: Comedy,Family,Fantasy

Spider-Man 3 2007

By: Tobey Maguire,Kirsten Dunst,James Franco,Thomas Haden Church,Topher Grace,Bryce Dallas Howard,Rosemary Harris,J.K. Simmons

Release: 4 May 2007


Genre: Action,Adventure

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